On the way
Copacabana, Bolivia
Our bus stopped at this viewpoint for photo ops of Copacabana from the roads.
Street Views
Copacabana, Bolivia
A lively tourist town overlooking Lake Titicaca in Bolivia.
Bolivian Women
Copacabana, Bolivia
What stuck out to me the most in Bolivia was the attire of Bolivian women which includes a pollera (pleated-skirt), the 19th century European bowler hat, and a silky shawl known as a manta.
Lago Titicaca, Bolivia
According to legends, this island is the birthplace of the Incas. Legend goes that the island is where Inti, the Sun God, created his son and daughter, Manco Capac and Mama Ocllo, who later traveled north to found Cusco, the heart of the Incan Empire.